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Edge Weapons

US edge weapons:


WWII customized Alfred Williams Sheffield England *EBRON* bowie knife. (circa 1890's / 1900's)

Inside of the handle written "pinkies & green" most likely from someone in the AAF.

Overall good condition, leather scabbard has a name written but hard to see, one crack behind the loop.



WWII US theater made combat knife.

Really nice and well made looking knife.

Overall good+ condition, shows light use, custom scabbard could be post war...



WWII USMC PAL ka-bar combat knife.

red spacer, parkerized blade 95%, light color named (USN guy) leather scabbard.

Overall good+ condition, shows light use, USMC on the tong has been ground off..?? since it was issued to a navy guy he most likely did that !



WWII US M3 Imperial combat knife with M6 named leather scabbard.

Overall medium / good condition, show wear & age, snap ok, the scabbard has no belt hook and lower metal plate (never had) , leather handle has a crack on the upper side.

still a great piece.



WWII US ka-bar "parkerized" commando.

Overall good condition, show some use & age, upper leather strap is broken but the snap still there.



US M1 Garand short bayonet by PAL

Overall good+ condition, show some age but light use, parkerized  blade 95%



US M4 Camillus carbine bayonet

Overall good condition, show some age but light use, blade has been sharpened a little.

80% color on the blade



German edge weapons:


WWII German K98 combat bayonet.

Mfg by Horster, number 215, frog has regt stamp on the back. blued blade 95%.

overall good condition, show age & use.



WWII German K98 combat bayonet.

Mfg by Berg & Co, blued blade 60%.

shows light rust here and there, may need some cleaning.

Overall medium gondition



WWII 1938 German boot knife & scabbard.

Stamped  Gottlieb Hammesfahr Solingen.

Overall good condition.



WWII German K98 dress bayonet.

Mfg by WKC

Overall medium / good condition



WWII German K98 short dress bayonet, scabbard & frog.

Mfg by Klaas

overall medium+ condition, blade wiggle a little.



WWII German K98 dress bayonet with scabbard & frog.

Mfg by E.Voos

Overall Medium+ condition, handle has some damage.



WWII German Luftwaffe Type II dress dagger.

Silver nickel plated

Broken blade

Sold as is for parts



WWI German M98 sawback bayonet.

Mfg by Corts Sohn Remscheid

Overall good condition, show some age, small mark on the blade.