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Field Gear & Equipment

US field gear & equipment:

WWII era, USMC Officer Sam Browne belt.
Size 34.
Overall good condition. Shows wear and age.


Early Vietnam war 1964, US Army MP 45. holster and strap.

Overall condition: Good. Shows wear and age.


WWI US ARMY 10 pockets ammo belt.

Mfg by Mills, dated 1918.

Overall good condition, shows wear & age.


WWII US Army Khaki pistol belt.

Overall condition: Medium. Shows wear, age and oxidation..


Vietnam war , USMC M41 field pack canvas set.

Dated 1966.

Overall condition: Very good.


Vietnam war, USMC M41 field pack nylon / canvas set.

Dated 68.

Overall condition: Very good.


German field gear & equipment:

WWII German SA dagger brown leather hanger.

Overall medium / good condition.


WWII German K98 leather frog.

Stamped and dated.

Overall condition: Good.


Other nations field gear & equipment:

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