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Vietnam War USMC & US Army named medals grouping. Belong to " Charles W. Clark Jr " who joined the US Marine Corps reserve Delay program on 3 April 1964, active duty on July 1964, send to Vietnam in July 1966, assigned to Co L 3/9, 3rd Marine Division. From Aug 66 to May 67 participate to Operation; Swanee, Macon, Mississippi, Sterling, Prairie II, III & IV, wounded May 6th, 1967 during Operation Prairie IV vicinty of Dong Ha. UMCR until Feb 1971, enlisted in the Army in Aug 1971 until the 1980's. This grouping include, but not limited to; Named Purple Heart (USMC), Named Good Conduct USMC & Army, named Army Merit Medal; Vietnam Service medals, USMC & Army insignias, Military records & documents, movies and VHS tape ( Unseen ).

Vietnam War USMC & US Army Purple Heart named medal grouping

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